who we are


It all started when…

We realized that big ideas, innovative education, and powerful community are of value to people of all ages. As a home to teenagers from all the world, Verde Valley school now seaks to reach a wider audience and stand as a beacon of life-long learning.

We are a place of wonder built to allow life’s biggest questions to come to life.

Verde Valley Ideas is made possible by the energy and passion of Verde Valley School teachers, students, administrators and friends of the school.


Director of experiential education at Verde Valley School, Lauren founded Verde Valley Ideas so the world could discover the magic of the school she loves. Lauren is passionate about disrupting the entrenched ways we see the world, ourselves, and each other. transformational experiences allow us to reconsider our lives and begin again with purpose, connection, and renewed meaning. She hopes this festival sparks the energy and inspiration she feels every time she finishes teaching an english class at VVS.

Lauren kelley, founder


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